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Old Tree by Deception Bay 2 :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 1 0 Old Tree by Deception Bay :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 0 0 Blue Starfish :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 0 0 Water-Logged :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 2 0 Stormy Beach 2 :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 0 0 Stormy Beach :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 0 0 Storm Laden Sky :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 3 0 Silhouette :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 1 0 Standing at the Water :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 1 0 Gift for Lei-Leiurus :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 15 5 Beach Walk :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 1 0 Much small fish :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 0 0 Smol Children :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 0 0
Tributes- Daius
sky shimmered with a beautiful array of colors as dawn broke upon the tall cliff, though the sun had yet to show it’s brilliant face. Lex shifted in his saddle slightly. He was tired, but the sun was almost up and he would need to begin his tribute the great Daius. Dream, Lex’s Tyto, was far more awake and excited than his rider. He loved the dawn, and ready to start his tribute! It would be just him, his rider, and morning sun. Ahh, it would be glorious. Or at least, it would’ve been, if it weren’t for the fact that a certain rider and stryx just arrived next to them, looking as moody as ever.
“Mammon!” Lex called out the skull headed rider as though they were old friends, “What brings you here this fine morning!”
Mammon turned to him and groaned. Really? This guy? He glared at the other rider and said in an irritated voice,
“What do you think? Why else would I be out by a big cliff at o’ dark thirty.”
Lex was unfazed b
:iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 1 2
Winter sunset at Vernonia Lake :iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 1 0
The Ruby p2
“What kind of trade?” Virgil asked. He had seen the glint of a ruby while flying, but before he could find it in the grass, a Corva named Valkarai had gotten to it first. Now the Corva was wanting a trade for it. Normally Virgil would never attempt to make a trade with a wild Corva, but he really wanted that ruby for his rider. The Corva considered his question before cawing,
“A shiny for a shiny. Need better shiny. Bigger shiny.”
A bigger shiny? Virgil wasn’t sure about that. How shiny would it have to be anyways? Suddenly he had an idea, but he would need the help of another stryx, his friend Harvey to be exact. Harvey and his pet bat Crony were perfect when it came to finding things, and Virgil would need Crony’s bug catching skills.
“I know where I can get you a shiny.” Virgil said to the Corva. “Tomorrow morning, can we meet right here to make the trade? I will have something very big and shiny, but you will need to have the ru
:iconcelestialorca:CelestialOrca 1 3


Leopard gecko Gastrosnap Auction (Open) :iconrealdoghours:realdoghours 31 11 [JUDGING] gastrosnap advent - January :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 417 91 gastrosnap advent - February :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 313 12 gastrosnap advent - March :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 260 17 gastrosnap advent - May :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 308 12 [CLOSED] Fundraiser snap - June :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 377 58 gastrosnap advent - October :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 431 16 gastrosnap advent - December :iconskelefrog:Skelefrog 406 20 Daily Paint 1586. Iced Minitea :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,136 72
LF Stryx - O:CCCat,Renfair+MYOslots
Alright so. I had to delete this the first time it was up because some deals were stuck in limbo. Now I've gotten my trash together.
I'm currently looking for Stryx. I'm getting into the ARPG and am interested in trading some of the things rotting in my stash away.
I know the broad general values of things, so no few mark soils and asking for the CCCat.


I love horned Tytos, I have a collection.
Grpyhs and Harpias are cool
Stripe markings
I've been in the market for royals as well.
Fire breath stone
I'm in the market to get a Major Redesign Kit and a Mutation Tonic so if you have those or would be willing to buy those, and tack that onto an offer, I'll probably be alot more interested.
Cardinal is my favorite modifier. 
I'll look at mostly anything though, thats just a few examples of stuff i like
Already uploaded imports are fine, genos are fine.
(If I got offere
:iconpyromantiic:Pyromantiic 2 49
Rare genos Sale!!!

Selling GENOS: Taking any offers, possible trades... will consider slots too. though USD will be favored. Make me offers!
OBO= Or Best Offer

Odin 154 X Melaina 2262
2) Male - Silken Corva
Nocturnal - Healthy
Scorched Silver Snow
20$ OBO

Odin 154 X Erzulie 1920
1) Male - Silken Corva
Nocturnal - Healthy
15$ OBO
Serpico 4114 X Sulahnadahlen 4773
1) Female - Horned Corva
Nocturnal - Healthy
Ringed Soil
10$ OBO

:iconbluefoxaurora:BlueFoxAurora 16 241
Advent Gastrosnap for trade
NOT Tentative but if I don't get offers I like then I will keep them. Dont be rude just because i say no. Im in no rush to decide. I still love this snap, and i want something thats perfect to me.
Only interested in:
-stryx (bombs, mutations) from DracoStryx (mostly looking for raptors)
-no plain genos (at least 4 marks) i dont care for silver(on soils or sand)
-mutations (at least 4 marks) horned, silken, crested, tendril, maybe seraph.
-do not offer me tytos, corvas, hawks, harpias, or gryphs
- Tyrians from World-of-Reos 
- QuillCoil Designs, Dragonic designs
- AriiKnave dragon designs
- TornTethers designs
- Dusty-Demon designs
- one-off designs
Here is the Snap:

he comes with art as well
:iconcrookedsanity:CrookedSanity 11 140
Closet's Trading Post (CS available!)
Some ground rules before we get into this:
Please comment on the journals with offers! Comments in files will be hidden immediately (they make me feel like its cluttered and I hhha ate it).
If you are more comfortable sending note for privacy reasons, that's fine, but if you've little or no preference I ask that you comment in the journal. Its far easier for me to keep track of.
Please don't comment if you're not offering/asking a related question. Commenting stuff like "oh i love x but don't have anything" or "KGJHGJ TAKE MY SOUUULLLLL" don't really... accomplish much, haha ;u;
Please actually read through the journal properly! I will ignore you if you've offered me something that I've clearly asked for you to not offer.Don't "try your luck"! If its on the Do Not Offer list, its because I don't want it, believe it or not. Break the rules and I'll just hide your comment/ignore you so as to avoid gettin' snippy with you ;u;
next person to ask me a) what pric
:iconcloset-furry:Closet-Furry 47 1,430
CS and designs for offer (yevren, birdfolk, etc)
not all that tentative, but I will be picky. Don't offer if you're just going to turn around and trade them again.
includes yevren, orcabeast, several birdfolk, two piffi-adoptables species adopts, and HQ one-offs from popular makers
some can be sold, please ask
UFT folder is everything i am DEFINITELY wanting to get rid of. The other folders are self explanatory. DO NOT OFFER ON THE NFT FOLDER. these were hand-picked before putting this journal up and i will NOT trade or sell them, period.
Some have extra art, so please dont lowball. 
-I am mainly looking for BJD (ball jointed doll) related items, currently i am in need of a pair of shoes to fit a 1/4 MSD sized boy and girl.
-I'll also look at blank MSD and smaller heads.
-will trade multiple for an item i really like
-i am not looking for characters at this time
-offer anything EXCEPT characters
:iconkuro--cchi:kuro--cchi 7 28
Ocean of sand :icongryadventures:GryAdventures 618 32 Daily Paint 1577. Tiger Bread :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,496 112



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Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I am an aspiring author who loves books, dragons, orcas, snakes, geckos, orcas, my pet cat Oreo, my two geckos Bazil and Umber, and did I mention orcas?

I play Flight Rising and Minecraft, with the name of CelestialOrca.
Heyo everyone, just putting a list of things I am really dying to have.

Gastrosnap- I really, really, want a Gastrobae! They are by far my favorite CS and the only species that I am actually pretty good at drawing! Been trying to get one for ages but since I can't spend money I've not had much luck. I would give almost anything for one of these cuties! I also have the perfect Gastro design that I really want to use an MYO slot on!

Royal Gryph- I would give my right arm and three fingers for one of these majestic stryx! If anyone ever gave one to me I would literally cri, and I am not a crying type person even when I get a new phone or computer. That's how much I love these guys.

Custom Plush- I really want to have plushes of the four main dragons from the book series I am writing, Of Fire and Dragons. I especially want one of the main character dragon, Ratuk.

Orcabeasts- I adore Orcabeasts! They were my first CS and I joined DeviantArt because my sister showed the species to me and I fell in love with them. I even named myself after them! I actually already have several Orcababs but I am always looking to expand my pod!

OFAD Art- I am currently wanting to get a bunch of art for my book series I am writing, Of Fire and Dragons. The art would have a chance to be published with the books.

Grem2- I personally do not care for Grems, but my sister loves them and has tried to get one ever since she joined over a year ago. If I could get one for her that would amazing!

Frigate Chaser MYO slot- Awhile back I was super into Frigate Chasers and was going to get an MYO slot. I was uber excited and had already completely designed my Frig I would use the MYO on. But then... something happened, and I wasn't able to get the slot, so not I have a design that is just sitting around and waiting to be designed.


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